A Cup Of Chai With Blackwood Pantry, Cronulla, NSW

Blackwood Pantry


Please tell me a bit about your café/business?

Blackwood Pantry is an experience of amazing food, coffee, service and environment. We really believe it’s something special. It’s all about good times and casual dining with a twist


How popular is chai at your café?

Our Prana chai is the BEST selling coffee alternative all year round. Our customers love the warm & spiced sensation that each sip contains. We’d say about 30% of hot drinks that we serve each day would be a Masala Chai


What type or demographic of customers is it popular with?

Everyone! Those who don’t drink coffee, those looking for a warm drink fix in the afternoon and even the younger demographic who haven’t found a love in coffee.


How has demand for chai grown or changed over the years?

It has progressively increased over the years as people become more aware of just how good it is! I also believe that the general population are beginning to slow down on caffeine intake and steer towards a less-caffeinated option such as black chai


Why have you chosen to work with Prana Chai for your chai products?

We believe it is the leading chai brand on the market! Not only is the product amazing but the service from the team is awesome too!


What has the relationship been like?

The relationship between us and the team is just like when we see our customers enjoy a chai for the first time; love at first sight.


What feedback do you get from customers for your chai drinks?

Nothing but amazing feedback! We’ve never had a chai go to waste!


How do you think demand for chai is going to grow in the future?

We definitely think chai will takeover as the best selling coffee alternative, no doubt about it!


What are your future plans for the café?

Our near future plans include two new venues, in the East & CBD where we plan to create amazing moments for different areas of Sydney. This of course includes introducing prana chai to everyone!


You can visit Blackwood Pantry at: 

5/33 Surf Lane, Cronulla NSW 2230