A Cup Of Chai with Paperboy Coffee, Hampton, VIC

Prana Chai Paperboy

How popular is chai at your café?

We believe our consistent brewing and serving of Prana Chai, together with a full range of alternative milk options has assisted this growth.  

What type or demographic of customers is it popular with?

We are selling chai to all age brackets - young to old. A number of young children order Prana Chai rather than other drink options. Generally Chai tends to be a ‘female’ drink - we need to promote it differently to our male customers so they can experience the great flavours of chai. Though it is interesting that males have no problem ordering Prana Chai porridge from our menu!

How has demand for chai grown or changed over the years?

Chai sales at Paperboy have more than doubled over the past 2 years. Iced chai and dairy milk chai have also increased greatly. Also many customers have moved to almond or oat milk based chai. We only use sugar free and emulsifier free oat and almond milks - it doesn’t mask the flavour of the honey based Prana Chai. We find that some high sugar  alternative milks just add too much sweetness to Prana Chai and change the profile too much.  

Why have you chosen to work with Prana Chai for your chai products?

Quality, consistency and local production was an important factor when we were choosing products for Paperboy. The history and local awareness of the product makes it a no-brainer to serve Prana Chai at Paperboy. We have never contemplated powder or syrup options for chai - they are completely different products to a fresh chai like Prana.

What has the relationship been like?

We have a great relationship with the folks at Prana Chai. They have never missed a delivery, and will always help us is we get caught short of stock. There sales and service is simply excellent.

What feedback do you get from customers for your chai drinks?

Many customers will ask what chai we sell before they order. The overall majority want Prana or a wet chai

How do you think demand for chai is going to grow in the future?

We sell chai growth continue its growth at current high levels - people are looking for alternative drinks and in particular flavoursome drinks. As more people move away from dairy milk, they like the taste of a milk alternative and chai. Oat milk based Prana Chai is growing at the fastest pace for us.

What are your future plans for the café?

Paperboy is constantly evolving to keep pace with food and beverage trends, with regular menu changes. We are also working on an online ordering platform. We will soon be opening a new cafe in Moorabbin, taking the best elements of Paperboy - including Prana Chai as a core beverage choice!

You can visit Paperboy Coffee at: 

370 Hampton St, Hampton VIC 3188