Things We Love: Cyclops by Voga Coffee

Oakland-based Voga Coffee are leading innovation in a new age for batch brew. In the past, brewers have not always been too exciting to look at, until now. The ‘Ground Control Cyclops’ released by Voga Coffee, is the world’s first immersion batch brewer. Designed for exceptional quality with gravity-defying technology that produces hand-crafted brews.

Voga Coffee have transformed the brewing process completely, the Cyclops allows baristas to produce clean, balanced and consistent coffee. The brewer carries out three extractions, the first bringing brightness and sweetness, second brings out character and the third extracts body and bitterness. Built with ease of use in mind, the Cyclops comes with 5 pre-set recipes with option to add your own. Not only will the Cyclops enable you to serve exceptional batch brew, it’s also attractive to look at.