A Cup of Chai with Simon Winfield - Legacy Hospitality Group

Legacy is born out of a desire to deliver first class hospitality experiences with a commitment to sustainability in both food and beverage and staff practices. Legacy Hospitality Group is the team behind successful Melbourne venues Tommy Collins, Bon Vivant Group, The Villager, The Firehouse Smokery + Bar, Cricketers Neighbourhood Eatery, House of Lulu White, Hamptons Bakery, High Road Cantina and Miss Ladybird Cakes. 

We had a chat with Simon Winfield - Honing his skills across five countries, including South Africa, Australia, the UK, US and Austria, Simon has moved from a role as Head Chef to Operational Director, ensuring the business runs with incredible precision.

Tell us a bit about Legacy

Legacy came about from a bunch of separate businesses wanting to consolidate their costs, be smarter and create a business that takes care of the smaller more mundane daily tasks allowing the people running the businesses, to be more client facing, doing what they do best. Consolidating costs, increasing sales, creating better business, all the while creating a family of like minded individuals to help you do it.

What was the inspiration behind starting the first business

We are all about hospitality, good food and drink. Working in an environment where we get to work with people for people, changing their daily routine in a positive way. Instant job satisfaction....

How many venues does Legacy own and what are their names?

Legacy doesn't own the businesses. Legacy is a company hired by the other companies/businesses to manage the back of house mundane day to day tasks which need to be fulfilled. Legacy just owns itself...

What has been your biggest challenge in starting Legacy or any of the venues? 

Creating awareness about what we have on offer is always a challenge. Managing cash flow, and finding good people to get you to where you need to be.

What has been your greatest achievement since starting Legacy Hospitality Group?

Very early days yet...Anything exciting has been boring back of house considerations. Trying to streamline communication is what we focusing on. Getting information on the minute, up to date, and immediately. Creating a family of people who we put trust in...and work with us to get us where we need to be.

What’s the best advice you were given or gave to someone?

When someone gives you a chance...Take It!

What’s your favourite dish/food?

Anything fresh out of the ocean!

Is there a big goal you’re working towards in the future?

My goal is always the same....being Happy! Enjoying each day for what it is...(a little corny I know...but really....what else is there?)