Brewing Prana Chai in a Cafe


Brewing chai is a magical process with a very long tradition... Mastering it is crucial to create a full of taste, smooth chai that uplifts moods and conquers hearts. At Prana Chai we aim to give our partners the best support possible to help them recreate the highest standard of chai for each customer.

Please check out our videos below to learn more about our recommended techniques of brewing sticky chai!


1. How to make Prana Chai in a cafe (quickly)

Running out of time? Want to understand the gist of the brewing process in minutes? Start with this video!

2. How to make Prana Chai in a cafe (detailed version)

Want to learn more? The devil is in the details - as they say. Check out the video below to really understand all the nuances of the brewing process.

3. How to make Prana Chai, take away

Customer is asking for the good stuff to go? No problem! Prana Chai can be easily brewed and served take away. Learn how by watching the video below.

4. How to make Prana Chai cold brew

Cold summer drink? Or just in the mood to break the ice with someone? A cold brew chai is always an option! And it's super easy to make, check it out!


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