Prana Chai
Peppermint Blend 250g Cold Brew Starter Kit

Prana Chai


This is an ideal product to offer to your customers, especially during gift seasons. RRP for this box is $40.

Additional Info about the box:

With this new Peppermint Chai Cold Brew Starter Box, you can fully enjoy a popular summer twist on your favourite chai.

A zing of peppermint blended with our classic masala chai in a refreshingly cold cuppa… What’s not to love?

Prana Chai delivers you the ultimate cold brew kit perfect as a gift or treat for yourself. That includes:

  • 250g Prana Chai Peppermint Blend
  • #onlythegoodstuff double-walled glass flask with filter basket and bamboo lid
  • An all-new Prana Chai recipe booklet, complete with 6 recipes to help you get more out of your chai.

And it’s not just tea-licious either. This iced chai will have you coming back for guilt-free seconds and thirds, since its ingredients help relieve heat stress, boost digestion, and reduce bloating.

Brew yourself a delicious iced peppermint chai or iced soy chai with all the right equipment. Or surprise that special chai lover in your life with this complete Starter Box from Prana Chai.

Serves 15 cups per 250g.

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Prana Chai Peppermint Blend 250g Cold Brew Starter Kit ingredients

Black Tea

Pure Honey


Star Anise



Ginger Root


Excitingly refreshing, exceptionally balanced and an easy to drink blend with a mint finish.



Cold brew



Helps reduce nausea, prevents bacterial infections and supports proper digestion. Honey is a good antibacterial and a wonderful unprocessed sugar source. Peppermint blend improves digestion and reduces bloating by helping gas through the body.